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Morning Song – The William Tell Overture

August 9, 2017

In a musical career that began when he left school at age 14, Glen Campbell released over 70 country, pop and gospel albums, and placed over 80 songs on the charts. Like Ronald Reagan—at whose first presidential inauguration Campbell performed—he did the nation an incalculable service by living so publicly with the Alzheimer’s Disease that, after first slowly taking his mind, took his life yesterday.

Before he became a chart-topping solo star, and hosted his own nationally-televised variety show, Campbell was part of the Wrecking Crew—a cadre of elite Los Angeles session musicians who played on more songs than you can imagine. (Campbell once calculated that in 1963 alone he played and sang on 586 recordings.)

So, his regular performance of “The William Tell Overture” in concerts was more than just a way to reminisce about seeing The Lone Ranger in his little hometown’s movie theater. It was a gentle, even humorous, way to remind his audience that he had what the kids today might call mad skillz.

Glen Campbell, dead at 81. RIP.



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