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Morning Song – Close To You

July 10, 2017

In the summer of 1943, Columbia Records signed Frank Sinatra to a recording contract of his own. (Up until then Sinatra was under contract as the lead singer for Tommy Dorsey’s big band.)

With no musicians available—the AFM (American Federation of Musicians) was in the midst of a bitter two-year strike over royalties with the record companies—Columbia put Sinatra in the recording studio with the Bobby Tucker singers (because singers weren’t members of the AFM; only instrumentalists were) and struck gold, with 7 of the 9 songs recorded making the Billboard charts.

“Close To You” was one of those hits, with Sinatra’s golden voice singing the words every record-buying, radio-listening young woman with a sweetheart who’d been drafted to fight in WW II longed to hear.

Close to you, I will always stay;
Close to you, though you’re far away….

Wherever you go, my heart will go, too;
What can I do?
It only wants to be close to you.

h/t: AGH87


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