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Morning Song – Get Out Of Bed

April 25, 2017

Let the sunshine fill your head;
Listen to what your friends have said.
Get up, get out of bed.

As a teenager, Livingston Taylor suffered from depression profound enough that his high school diploma comes from an on-campus school at McLean Hospital, the renowned psychiatric affiliate of Harvard Medical School.

So “Get Out Of Bed” isn’t just a cheery, bouncy, playful little ditty. (Though it is that. Sometimes it takes mustering every shard of cheerfulness and joy within reach…and even a few beyond…just to make it from horizontal and covered to vertical and ready to face the world.)

Think of it also as an upper middle class (Taylor’s father was a doctor, and dean of the UNC medical school), New England Yankee-inflected (his mother grew up in Massachusetts) expression of the blues impulse:

The blues tell you that as long as you can hear your voice, as long as you can find even a little bit of the laughter in the tears, you can most likely find the strength to wake up in the morning and deal with the fact that you messed it up again, that the devil’s back at the door and you’re putting on your shoes, humming his song.


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