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Morning Song – Floyd’s Hotel

April 12, 2017

J. Geils died. The band that bears his name hasn’t made it to the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, and maybe that’s just as well. Earning a reputation as the best bar band in the country, as the J. Geils Band did in the 1970s, is nothing to sneeze at…but it’s not an automatic entry pass to institutionalized immortality either.

“Floyd’s Hotel”, a deep cut off the band’s second album, captures much of what made them so good*: Peter Wolf’s vocal prowess and showmanship, the ability of Geils, pianist Seth Justman, and harpist Magic Dick to shift effortlessly from featured soloists to ensemble player, the deep-and-dirty (but in a good way) rhythm section anchored by drummer Danny Klein and bassist Stephen Jo Bladd, the collective and shared love for electric blues and soul, and most of all, their ability and willingness to whip themselves and their audiences into a happy frenzy.

Come on down,
Down to Floyd’s hotel;
They got a lotta cheap rooms,
Oh and something nice to sell.


*h/t: Charlie Pierce.


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