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Morning Song – Holy Ghost Power

March 19, 2017

If you’re wondering why the Chicago Mass Choir takes 7 minutes to sing a song that has one verse and a chorus, think of it as a zen koan, or as one of those stories about a venerable monk who refused to teach a novice the secrets of meditation until he first learned how to close a door or to wash dishes properly.

Point being, if you can’t (or won’t, or don’t) do the simple things right, then you need to learn that first and learn it right. And rule #1 for accessing the “Holy Ghost Power” is, as Jesus put it (Mark 6:31), “Come away for a while to a deserted place and rest for awhile“. Until you learn that spiritual discipline, it will remain all too easy for the demons of this world to overtake your mind and spirit.

Or, as Lemmie Battles sings,

Do you want it? (the Holy Ghost power)…
Go back to the altar,
Get down on your knees,
Stay there ’til you get the Holy Ghost power.


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