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Morning Song – Because The Night

March 3, 2017

Not to put too fine a point on it, but when Bruce Springsteen says of “Because The Night”, his collaboration with Patti Smith that became her biggest hit, “It was a love song and I really wasn’t writing them at the time“, what he means is something like, “I could write a great chorus and a killer hook, but I couldn’t write a direct, straight-ahead love song to save my life when I was 27 because I didn’t have a clue about what real-life romantic love was…and I wouldn’t for over a decade more“.

Patti Smith, on the other hand, knew.

Love is only having enough money for one long-distance call a week when you’re in New York and your lover is working in Detroit. Love is waiting by the telephone (in the days when people moved around and phones didn’t) for hours on a Friday night because that’s when your lover is supposed to call. Love is the redemptive taste of the divine in the passionate lust you feel for each other. Love is the restful peace and utter security that comes when you’re under the covers, soothed by each other’s touch.

That’s why the night belongs to lovers.


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