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Afternoon Song – He’s Calling Me

February 12, 2017

Dorothy Love Coates is the antithesis of a “prosperity gospel” singer.  With her, there are always consequences to faith and costs to redemption.

For two verses “He’s Calling Me” is indistinguishable from a prosperity gospel song.  In the first verse, the same divine voice that called Moses, David and Peter is calling the singer. In the second verse, the singer’s mother is giving her deathbed testimony about going onto glory.

But the third verse…that’s when everything gets real, real fast.

I heard a voice; Jesus calling;

I didn’t want to go;

All at once, something happened;

My feet got light; my soul got happy;

I began to feel all right;

I confessed my sins, started living like a Christian;

I got my orders from heaven;

Now I’m working on my mission.

Not only does the singer’s life change (“I began to feel all right…started living like a Christian“), but now she’s got a new mission, a new work in life. It’s a “no guts, no glory” kind of faith.

Which is where that glorious sound comes from.


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