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Belichick & Brady: Two Men, The Patriots & How They Revolutionized Football

December 30, 2016

belichickbradyMichael Holley’s third book on the New England Patriots will probably sell well in the six New England states and virtually not at all in the other 44. That’s too bad, because in addition to Holley being a remarkably good and fluid writer, nobody has followed Belichick and Brady’s respective careers more thoroughly and deeply over the years.

To the extent there are lessons to be learned from their success—unparalleled in the NFL’s salary cap era—those lessons can be found here: in Brady’s determination to remain “one of the guys”, in Belichick’s relentless curiosity about football’s nuances, in their shared obsession with finding and exploiting any possible advantage for winning.

This game is fast, baby. Sit around too long and the next trend, the next great talent, the next rule change, will make you suddenly irrelevant. Adapt or be consumed. That is true in all aspects of the game, whether it is the young men who play it, the older ones who coach it, or the lawyers and marketers and accountants who run it. (p. 386)



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