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Morning Song – Daddy Lessons

November 4, 2016

Check out Beyoncé, Queen of All the Realms, (with an assist from feminist-country-badasses-in-their-own-right, the Dixie Chicks) laying waste to the reactionary wing of the Nashville music establishment at the Country Music Awards. And doing it with a smile on her face before an audience that appears to be equal parts delighted and bewildered. (Okay, just watched this clip again: definitely more delighted than bewildered.)

“Daddy Lessons” is 100% country. It’s also 100% zydeco, soul, blues and Dixieland jazz. Because that’s what this country is today. Get used to it.

P. S. And if you want to see an interracial, woman-led, fierce and flamboyant horde taking over country music’s biggest night of the year as some kind of cultural prefiguring of what’s likely to happen as the election returns come in next Tuesday night…well, we here at this little blog won’t tell you you’re wrong.

“My daddy warned me about men like you;
He said baby girl he’s playing you…
Oh, my daddy said shoot.”

h/t: BTH


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