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Morning Song – II B.S.

September 3, 2016

(One in a series of posts inspired by President Obama’s 2016 Spotify Summer Playlist.)

In 1963 Charles Mingus was at the end of an astoundingly (nearly 30 albums) fertile decade of musicmaking that culminated inwhat he (and many critics) regarded as his masterwork in The Black Saint and the Sinner Lady“.

Mingus then went back into the studio with an 11 piece band and came out with “sort of a “greatest hits revisited” record” blazing through revised versions of some of his greatest pieces.

“II B.S.”—Mingus delighted in ambiguous wordplay, so make of the title what you will—is a take-no-prisoners* reworking of “Haitian Fight Song“.


*Which is saying something, because the original was a pretty good musical representation of the decimation of the two most powerful imperial armies in the Western world all by itself.



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