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Morning Song – The Man

August 30, 2016

(One in a series of posts inspired by President Obama’s 2016 Spotify Summer Playlist.)

In Aloe Blacc’s “The Man”, built off a soulful sample from Elton John, the title phrase appears 41 times and the verses are peppered with stanzas like:

Somewhere I heard that life is a test;
I been though the worst but still I give my best;
God made my mold different from the rest;
Then he broke that mold so I know I’m blessed. (This is my world)

Then there’s the video, unapologetically summoning up some of the most iconic and controversial images from the vasty deep of three generations of American political and cultural history—from Black Lives Matter to Black Power, from Malcolm to Martin and Barack.

I’m going to assume President Obama was aware of all this when he selected “The Man” for his summer playlist. Which makes this just another illustration of the fact that, as Esquire’s Charles Pierce is fond of saying, “Once again, the president has looked into the depths of his big bag of fks and has discovered that he has no more of them to give.


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