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Morning Song – Rap Da Felicidade

August 12, 2016

Cidinho and Doca are among Brazil’s most influential proibidao* rappers (think: NWA or Public Enemy). The duo apparently still is too controversial for the Olympics, because their hugely popular “Rap Da Felicidade” (“Happiness Rap”) was performed by Ludmila, proving once again that it’s easier to ban the messenger than the message.

Sofri na tempestade, agora eu quero abonança
O povo tem a força, precisa descobrir
Se eles lá não fazem nada, faremos tudo daqui

I suffered in the storm, now I want some calm,
The people have the power, they only need to discover it,
If they do nothing, we will do everything here

Eu só quero é ser feliz
Andar tranquilamente na favela onde eu nasci, han
E poder me orgulhar
E ter a consciência que o pobre tem seu lugar
Mas eu só quero é ser feliz, feliz, feliz, feliz, feliz.

I just want to be happy
Walking quietly in the favela where I was born,
And to be able to be proud
And be aware that the poor have their (own) place,
I just want to be happy, happy, happy, happy, happy.

*meaning their songs get banned from airplay


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