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Morning Song – Tonight I’m Gonna Rock You Tonight

July 5, 2016

(One in a series of good songs from movies about fake bands.)

The measure of the greatness of This Is Spinal Tap, the 1984 heavy metal rock mockumentary, isn’t the seemingly endless series of follow-up products (singles, albums, DVDs, TV shows), or the continuing critical accolades (Time Out London calls it the “best comedy film of all time“). It’s the reaction of hard rock musicians:

  • Dokken’s George Lynch said, “That’s us! How’d they make a movie about us?“;
  • Glenn Danzig said, “When I first saw Spinal Tap, I was like, ‘Hey, this is my old band.“;
  • The Who’s Pete Townshend released a solo album the next year and wrote in the liner notes, “This is Spinal Tap is obviously a true story.“.

But it’s the unanimous opinion of our Music Department staff that this quotation from Aerosmith’s Brad Whitford best captures the parodic brilliance of This Is Spinal Tap: “The first time Steven [Tyler] saw it he didn’t see any humor in it.” (emphasis added)

Here’s “Spinal Tap’s” “Tonight I’m Gonna Rock You Tonight”.


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