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Morning Song – Love Throw A Line

May 17, 2016

Follow the Appalachians mountains southwest about 1,500 miles from Patty Griffin’s childhood home of Old Town, ME and you’ll reach the backwoods of Alabama that’s native soil for the swampy, country-gospel sound—and spirit—of “Love Throw A Line”.

It’s hardscrabble land all the way—from the Penobscot reservation Griffin grew up next to, through the burnt-over mining and factory towns of central New York and Pennsylvania, to the hollows of eastern Kentucky and the piney woods of central Alabama—the kind of places where redemption and opportunity come at the last minute, if they come at all.  Sometimes faith is what you have when you’ve got nothing else.

Just before the flood comes, just before the night falls,
Just before the blood runs into the valley;
Just before my eyes go, just before we can’t go no further,
Love throws a line to you and me


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