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Morning Song – Here

April 27, 2016

Outsourcing to a regular reader for commentary that gets to the heart of Alessia Cara’s “Here”:

Young singer. Good song.

Yep. Ernest Hemingway himself couldn’t have been more terse, or on target.

In addition to winning the 2015 Grammy for Best Anti-Party Party Song (what’s that you say? there’s no such award? Well, yeah, but if there was….), “Here” works so well because it’s marinated in slow jam music history—with its dreamy, insistent, repetitive minor key chord progression, its syncopated melody, and its open acknowledgements to ’90s trip-hop (Portishead’s “Glory Box”) and ’70s conscious R&B (Isaac Hayes’ “Ike’s Rap 2”).

But honestly I’d rather be
Somewhere with my people we can kick it and just listen
To some music with the message (like we usually do)
And we’ll discuss our big dreams
How we plan to take over the planet
So pardon my manners, I hope you’ll understand it
That I’ll be here….

h/t: CAH


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