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Morning Song – I’m Glad

April 17, 2016

You could sing Margaret Douroux’s magisterial “I’m Glad” at a summer camp for kids who’ve never had to worry where their next meal is coming from.  In fact, it’s a perfectly lovely song in that context.

But to reveal the full revolutionary meaning of verses like

I’m glad man didn’t make sunshine, for he may not let it shine on me;

I’m glad man didn’t make raindrops, for he may forget to water the grain;

I’m glad man didn’t give life to me, for he would surely, surely forsake me;

And I’m glad, glad, glad, glad, glad that God made me.

you’re going to want to hear “I’m Glad” sung by people who’ve lived every day of their lives having their human dignity questioned, challenged, demeaned and insulted by the dominant culture.


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