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Morning Song – Rock & Roll Never Forgets

April 6, 2016

Here’s a reality check for all those baby boomers who spent years singing “Now sweet sixteen’s turned thirty-one…” along with the Silver Bullet Band as they played “Rock And Roll Never Forgets”, another of Bob Seger’s seemingly endless catalog of nostalgic songs: Seger turns 71 next month.

What I love most about “Rock And Roll Never Forgets”—even more than the chunky, chugging rhythm guitar, the full-throated sax solo and Seger’s own whiskey-soaked, yearning vocals—are the lyrical homages to Seger’s forerunners. Hey tonight! is a clear tribute to ’60s rockers, Creedence Clearwater Revival (as is, perhaps, the opening guitar riff).

But the biggest and best hat tip is in the final verse with its straightforward acknowledgement that “all Chuck’s children are out there playing his licks“. Before he “broke through” in 1976, Bob Seger spent 15 years driving all over the Midwest, playing in every dive bar, gin joint, high school gym and local concert hall that would have him, just so he could make enough money to pay for gas to get home.  As well as any performer of his generation, he knew the stone cold truth:  if it weren’t for Chuck Berry, he wouldn’t have a job.


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