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Morning Song – Clap For The Wolfman

January 26, 2016

Gather round children. We’re going back to the early 1970s when the first generation that grew up listening rock ‘n’ roll radio started writing songs…about listening to rock ‘n’ roll radio.

“Clap For The Wolfman” was The Guess Who’s contribution to the genre, and it reached the Top Ten in 1974 (just a year after Dr. Hook & The Medicine Show had a hit with another “meta” song, “The Cover Of The Rolling Stone”).

Wolfman Jack was a legendary “outlaw” DJ, making his name in the 1960s broadcasting on XERF-AM, just across the Rio Grande from Texas, with a nighttime signal that reached the length and breadth of the United States.  George Lucas wanted him for 1973’s American Graffiti so badly that he paid the Wolfman a fraction of a point—for life—just to appear in the film.

(Putting the most famous DJ in the nation in your song was also about as sure a way of ensuring a hit record as there was in the notoriously corrupt music industry…so there’s that, too.)


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