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Happy Blogoversary

January 13, 2016

Blogaversary4Over by the bend in the river here on the campus of MassCommons World Headquarters is the cool* new headquarters for our Analytics Group.

They’re pretty secretive about what goes on in there, but they did blast out a company-wide email notifying the rest of us proles that four years ago today this little blog began publishing.  And, because they’re the Analytics Group, we all now know that includes over 2,400 posts and 30,000 unique visitors.

Many thanks to all of you, especially those who’ve commented, linked, tweeted, or emailed at any time in the past four years.  We’re looking forward to year 5.

*We mean frigid.  That building is air-conditioned like you wouldn’t believe (all the computers, don’t you know).  Don’t go in without a sweater…or two.



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  1. Patrick Dober permalink

    Congrats on your anniversary and many happy returns of the day. We love your uplifting and erudite posts – Morning Song, Beauty All Around Me, book reviews – all of them jewels in our day.

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