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Morning Song – Frosty The Snowman

December 21, 2015

(Arriving at MassCommons World Headquarters this morning we found the gates padlocked and a note taped to the front door of the Music Division: “I can’t take any more saccharine-sweet arrangements of Christmas songs. They’re everywhere: at the mall, on the radio, at office parties, in bars.  To prevent any of them showing up on MassCommons I’ve locked the doors and hacked the computer systems.  We’ll have all kinds of Christmas music for the next 12 days…but it won’t be sticky sweet.” As a result, the editors regret to inform you we can take no responsibility for what happens on this little blog for the rest of 2015.)

Jack Frost isn’t a very good movie, but it does have a little gem on its soundtrack (and no, it’s not Hanson’s cover of “Good Lovin’“)—Michael Keaton singing lead over a bluesy, funky reinvention of “Frosty The Snowman” that happily fulfills this little blog’s First Rule Of Cover Songs (You’ve got to bring something new to it).

h/t: CAH



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