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Morning Song – Save The Bones For Henry Jones

November 23, 2015

And the Lord said: “This month will stand near the end of your calendar; you will reckon it the 11th month of the year. Tell the whole community of America: On the fourth Thursday of this month every family must procure for itself a turkey, one apiece for each household.

If a household is too small for a turkey, it along with its nearest neighbor will procure one, and apportion the turkey’s cost in proportion to the number of persons, according to what each household consumes. (Alternately, the smaller household may supply the pies, choosing from among the pies of pumpkin, apple, blueberry, pecan, chocolate silk and other pies that delight the tongue and fill the belly.) Your turkey must be a year old and without blemish.

This is how you are to eat it: with your belt loosened, shoes on your feet and your fork in hand, you will eat in a hurry so as not to miss the football game.  It is the Lord’s Thanksgiving.”

That’s just a short excerpt from scripture (the full instructions go on for dozens of verses and hundreds of words), but it’s enough to give the flavor (sorry) of the day: Thanksgiving—America’s nearly perfect holiday—is about food.

And to get in the holiday spirit, so are this week’s songs. We’ll start with a “fun and tasty tune” recommended by a regular reader*—Ray Charles covering “Save The Bones For Henry Jones”.

We’re gonna have a supper; We’ll eat some food that’s rare….”

h/t: CAH


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