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Morning Song – Hot Stuff

October 16, 2015

(One in a week-long series of rebuttals to Mark Watney’s assertion that Commander Melissa Lewis has “horrible taste in music“.)

There’s a scene in The Martian where stranded astronaut Mark Watney is feeling pretty good about himself.  He’s driving a rover warmed (finally!) by a radioactive plutonium canister he’s dug up and mounted on the vehicle when Donna Summer’s insistent, infectious 1979 #1 hit, “Hot Stuff”, starts playing.  (For someone who professes to hate disco, Watney sure spends a lot of time listening to Commander Lewis’ left-behind mixes.)

Watney—spacesuit and all—starts to move.  His head nods, his hand taps and his leg starts keeping time to the deep, throbbing beat.  And a smile breaks out across his face.  He’s had to travel 140 million miles away from home for it to happen, but there’s a part of Mark Watney that’s realized this dance music he “hates” is just what he needs right now.

For Bostonians there’s a subtext here, especially given Matt Damon’s recent comments on “Project Greenlight”. You can walk out of Cambridge Rindge & Latin High School (Matt Damon, class of ’88), hop on a bus and an hour later get off at the Jeremiah Burke High School in Dorchester (Donna Summer, dropped out two months shy of graduation to join the cast of Hair, honorary degree in ’83).

Even today, not many people like Matt Damon take that ride.


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