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Morning Song – West Memphis

October 7, 2015

Sometimes I wonder if suburban and small-town America is the heart of the Tea Party movement because people there live in a more oppressive society than city folks.  That’s not to say there aren’t plenty of big-city examples of the criminal justice system run amok (looking at you, Chicago).  It’s just that there’s a particular kind of oppression that happens in places where everybody knows your name, who your daddy was, and the same families have been running things for generations.

Places like West Memphis, Arkansas—just across the river from the big city in Tennessee, and where the case of the “West Memphis Three” divided the town for over two decades.  Lucinda Williams tells the story of the case, and captures the feel of the town in this smoky, swampy, shimmering bit of country-soul magic.

It’s never been any different
So don’t come around here and try to mess with us,
‘Cause that’s the way we do things in West Memphi


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