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Morning Song – Live It Up

September 8, 2015

Regular readers of this little blog know the obsessives who populate the Music Department here at MassCommons Global Headquarters can be a bit…well…obsessive.  And when they are (obsessive that is), they can go a bit overboard.

So it happened that the rest of the crew arrived at work this morning after a lovely and enjoyable three-day weekend only to find ourselves locked out with a “ransom note” taped to the outside of the building.  Something to the effect of “…don’t care if summer’s over…there will never again in my lifetime be a president with musical tastes half as good as this one…demand you play songs from Obama’s summer Spotify playlists“.

It went on in that vein for nine pages, ending with a threat to play nothing but Pat Boone’s greatest hits “…turned up to 11!!!…“.

Well, we couldn’t have that.

Besides, we’d much rather jump into fall* with the Isley Brothers in peak-70s funk-rock mode with “Live It Up, Part 1 & 2”, doubly funked with the Soul Train Line.

We’ve been holding back for too long;
And I want to live, we’ve gotta live it up.

*northern hemisphere edition, USA school calendar sub-division.


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