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Morning Song – Treat Her Right

August 25, 2015

Some of my favorite songs were songs that imparted wisdom.  My parents didn’t know that if you listened to all that junk that was coming out of the radio—there was wisdom in it! There was wisdom just in the titles…”Treat Her Right”! That’s simple, but treat her right! Roy Head. Wisdom!” — Bruce Springsteen in concert, Albany NY, 5/13/14.

Roy Head was one of those performers who slipped between the cracks of radio’s rigid musical formats.  Coming out of San Marcos, Texas (on the I-35 corridor between Austin and San Antonio), Head was a little bit country and western, a little bit of soul, a little bit of rock and roll, along with some rockabilly and rhythm and blues thrown in for good measure.  “Treat Her Right”—a two minute blast of high-powered, blue-eyed soul—was his one big hit.

Listening to the lyrics, you can hear how “Treat Her Right” was a font of wisdom for socially awkward adolescent males like the young Bruce Springsteen who were (as Bob Seger later wrote) “working on mysteries without any clues“.  Here was a fast-talking, smooth-walking, good-looking man, and his secret wisdom—not available anywhere else to most Irish and Italian-Catholic working-class kids growing up in the 1950s and 60s—was, basically, care more about how her orgasm than your own.

Squeeze her real gentle, you gotta make her feel good;
Tell her that you love her, like you know you should….



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