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Morning Song – Black Is The Color

March 4, 2015

“Well, it’s the kind of thing [where] if you’re going to do something that’s been covered a million times, you want to do it differently, and you want to kind of put your spin on it.”

On the list of reasons for why the First Rule of Cover Songs* is, in fact, the First Rule of Cover Songs, Rhiannon Giddens’ explanation for her sassy, sexy, soulful, folk-funky reinterpretation/rewrite of the classic Scottish/Appalachian ballad, “Black Is The Color”, ranks right near the top.

The whole mournful, wistful, pining-away-for-my-true-love air of, say, Joan Baez’ (admittedly gorgeous) version of the song, didn’t speak to Giddens at all.  What did speak to her was the line, “I’ll kiss his mouth 10,000 times“.

So she rewrote the song around that line, set it to an uptempo R&B dance groove, and topped the whole thing off with her own bold, full-throated and finely nuanced vocal stylings.  (Imagine Sam & Dave as feminist folkies and you’re halfway there.)

*You’ve got to bring something new to it.


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  1. Reblogged this on Big Blue Dot Y'all and commented:
    Rhiannon Giddens new album is heavenly. From first song to last. #MustListen

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