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Mitt Romney Lies

August 20, 2012

credit: Getty Images

Mitt Romney lies.  He lies often.  He lies badly.  He lies repeatedly.  He lies even when it’s been pointed out to him that he’s lying.

We’re not talking your standard run-of-the-mill-politician lies.  We’re talking big lies, little lies, lies when there’s no good reason to lie.

Nobody’s done a better job of chronicling Mitt Romney’s lies this year than Steve Benen, formerly of the Washington Monthly, currently at The Rachel Maddow Show.

During the Republican primaries, Benen started keeping track of Mitt Romney’s lies on the campaign trail.  He’s now been doing it for 30 weeks.  In those 30 weeks, he’s never lacked for lies from Mitt Romney.  In fact, last week’s list of Mitt Romney lies was the longest yet, an average of over 4 a day, each carefully listed by Benen and backed by linked documentation.

I don’t know that there’s much benefit to trying to figure out why Mitt Romney lies.  I do think it’s important to keep pointing it out, calling him on it, and raising the question of whether we want to elect as president someone who lies as much as Mitt Romney lies.


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    If you think that Mitt Romney is a heartless, dishonest, money-gloved masturbator, then go to this link, and give me some feedback:

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