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Can’t Anybody Here Play This Game? – Romney VP Rollout Edition

August 17, 2012

“These guys make Throneberry look good.”

So let me see if I have this right:

The Romney campaign began to spread the word about new VP pick Paul Ryan last Friday evening, traditionally the time for campaigns to release embarrassing finance reports and other bad news.

Romney and Ryan appeared together for the first time early Saturday morning, before the western half of the country was awake and when the eastern half was still focused on the Summer Olympics.

In the next 3 days the Romney campaign announced at least 6 different positions on Medicare…a problem that continued throughout the week.

They immediately sent Paul Ryan to his first closed-door meeting—with a casino owner who’s under federal investigation for bribing foreign governments.

Meanwhile Mitt Romney was so “exhausted” after 2 days of a campaign “bus tour” that he cancelled an appearance in Orlando.

Apparently revived, Romney then attacked Pres. Obama personally at a campaign rally in Ohio saying, ““Take your campaign of anger, hate and division back to Chicago and let us get about rebuilding this country.”  (So much for a campaign relentlessly focused on the economy.)

Meanwhile, Paul Ryan was stuck having to explain why he’d asked for stimulus money for his district and then lied about it.

To cap off the week, both Ann and Mitt Romney decided to address the issue of their unreleased tax returns, reconfirming that the returns will remain unreleased but claiming that they paid “at least 13%” every year. (Not exactly the way to put the issue to rest…or to focus relentlessly on the economy.)

Can’t anybody here play this game?


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