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The Calendar Is Not Mitt Romney’s Friend

July 16, 2012

credit: Maria Bell

Well, that didn’t work.

If Mitt Romney thought giving interviews to five different national television networks would put an end to the questions about his role at Bain Capital after Feb. 1999, he was wrong.  (Either that or he should have, you know, answered the questions instead of insisting that the questions shouldn’t be asked.)

The tactical problem for Romney’s campaign is there’s nothing else—absent a natural disaster or a major international crisis—to talk about for the next two weeks.  No conventions, no vice-presidential pick to announce, no debates.  So far as I can tell, the next notable external event scheduled to impinge upon the presidential campaign is the Labor Department’s monthly jobs report—and that’s a full 18 days away.

In the meantime, all the national political reporters, editors and campaign workers who aren’t on vacation have to do something when they show up for work each day.  And by default, that something is now: work on Romney’s ties to Bain Capital.  And if it’s not that, then it’s:  work on Romney’s tax returns and why he won’t release them.

I could be missing something (tell me if I am), but how is this July anything but a bad month for the Romney campaign?


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