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Mitt Doesn’t Like Running For Office

July 11, 2012

“But this is my happy face!” – Mitt Romney

At 3:25 of this “standing ovation” montage put together by the video wizards at TPM, Mitt Romney says, “It’s so much fun running for President!”.  Unfortunately for Mitt, the rest of the video is almost-painful-to-watch evidence for the case that he doesn’t like crowds, doesn’t like applause, doesn’t like being the center of attention, and really doesn’t like running for president.

For five minutes, Romney’s facial expressions run the gamut from solemn stares, to rueful half-smiles, to dour scowls, to pained winces when he’s interrupted by applause.  And this is when he’s in front of friendly audiences, surrounded by family and close friends, and often when he’s making another victory speech on primary night.  If you can’t be happy (or at least act happy) when you’ve won an election, why are you in politics?



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