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Schilling Speaks!

May 30, 2012

Yes, I know.  For most of Curt Schilling’s adult life, writing “Schilling Speaks!” as a headline made about as much sense as “Sun Rises!” or “Water Wet Today!”.  But this is the new my-company-is-failing-and-I-have-nothing-to-say-to-anyone Curt Schilling who hadn’t made a public statement in weeks—ever since news of the financial woes of 38 Studios, his video-gaming company, started to leak out.

Yesterday Schilling gave a long interview to the Providence Journal (available online only to subscribers).  But the excerpts in this Boston Globe article don’t make it any easier for those of us trying to restrain our less-than-noble impulses to take pleasure in his misfortune.

Curt, what do you think of Gov. Lincoln Chafee?  “The governor is not operating in the best interest of the company by any stretch, or the taxpayers, or the state.’’

Curt, what about the hypocrisy of a self-proclaimed “small government conservative” moving his company to take advantage of corporate welfare (loan guarantees from RI’s Economic Development Commission)?  “The $49 million from Rhode Island has been put back in the economy. I’ve never taken a penny and I’ve done nothing but create jobs and create economy. And so how does that translate into welfare baby?”

Curt, what about the Governor’s claim that 38 Studios’ next game is more than a year behind schedule?  “Schilling seemed most bitter about Chafee’s public remarks about 38 Studios’ financial condition, in which the governor asserted the company’s first product was a bust and questioned its viability because the Copernicus game was another year away from release. That latter information was a closely-guarded secret inside 38 Studios….”

Apparently the new, improved, humbler version of Curt Schilling is running behind schedule too.



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