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This Would Never Happen If Red Were Still Alive

May 5, 2012

Red Auerbach once said the Boston Celtics would get dancers “over my dead body”. For Red, basketball was entertainment enough.  “Game presentation” meant playing the damn game.  (And I gotta say, old fogy that I am, I’m with Red on this one.)

Anyway, so it came to pass.  Auerbach died Oct. 28, 2006 and almost immediately thereafter the Celtics Dancers made their appearance.  Going to a Boston Celtics game at the Garden is now as complete an assault on the senses as it is in every other NBA arena.

But Red wasn’t right about everything.  For example, if Red were still in charge the Celtics marketing staff probably wouldn’t already have made this very cool shirt available for sale after Paul Pierce’s 36 point, 14 rebound performance in Game 2 against Atlanta:


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  1. Chris permalink

    Very, VERY cool shirt. Happy to say I watched that game and it was epic Pierce.

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