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Morning Song – Moon Dreams

It’s the hottest day of the year (so far!) in this little blog’s corner of the world, so it’s a great day for some cool jazz.

From the genre’s defining album, Birth Of The Cool, here’s the sweet, soothing, and luscious “Moon Dreams”.



Beauty All Around Me – Snail On The Edge


Morning Song – Lost In Music

In the spotlight the band plays so very tight each and every night;
It’s not vanity to me, it’s my sanity; I could never survive….
We’re lost in music,
Feel so alive;
I quit my nine to five,
We’re lost in music.

Ah yes, just another hard-rocking song from the summer of ’79 about some working-class kids forming a band and doing whatever it takes to avoid getting trapped in that 9-to-5 grind.


Wait…what’s that?

Oh, okay.

Late breaking news: I’m now being told that “Lost In Music” is actually a meaningless, escapist disco song by Sister Sledge, completely devoid of the social and political meaning that infused that great ’60s music we all loved, and therefore it can be added to the stack of records to be burned at your local totally-not-racist-nor-sexist-nor-homophobic Disco Demolition Night riot.

Now over to Al for your weekend weather report….



Noted Without Comment – You Can’t Get There From Here Edition


Morning Song – Cruel Crazy Beautiful World

Thanks partly to modern medical treatments, the pancreatic cancer that finally took Johnny Clegg’s life this week moved slowly enough that he got to say good-bye to his fans around the world.

It was a remarkable career in which for its first 20 years, Clegg and his bandmates risked arrest for violating the apartheid regime’s Group Areas Act any time they performed in their native South Africa.

So, when Clegg finally became a father and wrote “Cruel Crazy Beautiful World” to and for and about his newborn son, he knew what he was talking about.

It’s a cruel, crazy, beautiful world;
Every time you wake up I hope it’s under a blue sky;
It’s a cruel, crazy, beautiful world;
One day when you wake up I will have to say goodbye;
It’s your world so live in it!

Johnny Clegg, RIP.


Beauty All Around Me – Two-Toned Fir Branches #2


Morning Song – People Get Ready

Jerry Lawson, the original lead singer for The Persuasions, died last week. Anyone who sings, or enjoys listening to, a capella music is forever indebted to Mr. Lawson and his brothers in harmony. From the stoops and street corners of Bed-Stuy, The Persuasions became one of those ubiquitous but less-well-known-than-they-should-be groups, singing with and inspiring everyone from Frank Zappa to Joni Mitchell to Boyz II Men to Rockapella.

Here’s their gorgeous version of Curtis Mayfield’s classic “People Get Ready” from their aptly named third album, Street Corner Symphony.

Jerry Lawson, RIP.