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Noted Without Comment: Just Not Anywhere Around Here Edition


Morning Song – Feel Me Flow

A generation after The Beach Boys and 3,000 miles away, the pride of East Orange, NJ—i.e., Naughty By Nature—had their own throwback, nostalgic summer jam hit record with “Feel Me Flow”.  Preach, Treach:

The flow pro poetical with skills only a vet’ll know….


Beauty All Around Me: Three Bridges


Morning Song – Do It Again

“Do It Again” isn’t The Beach Boys at their best.  It’s The Beach Boys remembering their best…which is still pretty good.

Brian Wilson was a genius in the recording studio, and “Do It Again” is beautifully and cleverly produced—from that heavily processed opening drum beat (which sounds like something Devo could have recorded a decade later) to the swirling layers of guitar and organ parts to the band’s signature doo-wop harmony singing.

It’s unabashedly nostalgic which—given how much fun it can be to go back to the same beach year after year and relive the same set of simple yet endlessly enjoyable pleasures—isn’t a bad thing.


Beauty All Around Me: Hues Of The Heart


Morning Song – Sheila Ki Jawani

Outsourcing to Buzzfeed’s Rega Jha* for commentary on Katrina Kaif’s infectious Bollywood hit, “Sheila Ki Jawani”:

I remember laughing out loud the first time I watched the music video for “Sheila Ki Jawani.” I remember being taken aback by Katrina Kaif – per usual a paragon of all things sexy – thrusting herself at me with her midriff and cleavage and legs deliberately bared, while simultaneously telling me, emphatically and with no room for doubt, that she knows I want it but I’m never gonna get it. I’m never gonna get her body. I remember delightedly grappling with the cognitive dissonance Sheila created, her tongue firmly in cheek.

“Main tere haath na aani” sounded to me like an empowering and explicit withholding of consent. And to see it sung by a scantily clad, pelvic-thrusting woman was to be told: Look, I can be as overtly sexual and “immodest” as I want to and still not grant you any further physical permissions.

I remember getting predictably addicted to the criminally catchy tune, but remaining pleasantly surprised by the very, very progressive message I perceived: Sheila will allow you some access to her body. Sheila will flaunt her body. Sheila will be totally thrilled for you to look at her body. But anything you do with Sheila’s body will be decidedly, nonnegotiably on Sheila’s terms. Don’t even think about assuming otherwise.

*h/t: anoraborealis

Behind The Kitchen Door

BehindTheKitchenDoorActor and humanitarian Danny Glover is right.  Saru Jayaraman’s Behind The Kitchen Door is “a must-read for anyone who eats at restaurants“.

It’s a must-read because for over a decade Saru Jayaraman’s work at ROC (Restaurant Opportunities Center) United has placed her at the intersection of the “foodie” revolution, fine dining, low-wage work, fast food, and the ugly underside of racism, sexism and exploitation that all too often is the norm in America’s restaurant industry.

It’s a must-read because she deftly weaves together the stories of restaurant workers from across the country, putting not just a human face but an entire human life on the challenges and struggles faced by the people who prepare, serve and clean up after our restaurant meals. Read more…


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