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Noted Without Comment – Doctrinal Inquiry Edition


Morning Song – Search Me Lord

Known as “The Thunderbolt of the Middle West”, Brother Joe May had one of the great voices in 20th century gospel music, able to move from a whisper to a shout as the spirit and the song demanded.  On his version of Thomas A Dorsey’s “Search Me Lord” you can practically hear the narrator moving further along his journey of faith—from doubt to faith to action—as he asks God to keep working on him.

If you find anything that shouldn’t be,
Take it out and straighten me;
I want to be right, I want to be saved;
I want to be whol
e…Search me Lord.


Evening Song – Blues At Twilight

Well, it’s twilight in this little corner of the world…or it would be if the sun were shining, but it isn’t.  In fact, it’s been unseasonably cool, gray and wet for the last three days.

So it’s a lovely night to have the blues, and there’s hardly a better blues to have than Quincy Jones’ “Blues At Twilight” as recorded by Ray Charles and Milt Jackson.



Beauty All Around Me: Three Of Diamonds


Morning Song – Emergency

Icona Pop, the Swedish dance-pop duo with an uncanny, finely honed talent for insatiably catchy hooks, has done it again with “Emergency”, a go-to-the-club-get-out-on-the-floor-and-dance-your-troubles-away three minute piece of ear candy.

Using Erik Hassle, a living/breathing/singing incarnation of the main plot of The Commitments, on the chorus is the extra layer of sugar.


Beauty All Around Me: Paving Stones


Morning Song – Let It Rain

This is for you, Atlantic seaboard of the United States (because, really, what choice do you have this week?).


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