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Noted Without Comment: It Never Hurts To Have A Backup In Case Your Current Career Doesn’t Work Out Edition


Morning Song – Soul Power

I don’t think you can say it better—or more succinctly—than James Brown said it back in 1971 with his three-part single (what ever happened to three-part singles?) “Soul Power”.

What we missing (Soul power)
What we want (Soul power)
What we need (Soul power)

h/t: CAH


Beauty All Around Me: Cactus On Blue Sky


Morning Song – Formation

We interrupt your regularly scheduled “McGriff Monday” to bring you the “black woman greatness” of Beyoncé’s “Formation”.

It’s Monday morning after the blackest, gayest Super Bowl halftime show ever. What else is happening out there?




Beauty All Around Me: Belltower & Mountain


Morning Song – I’ve Been In The Storm Too Long

There’s an ancient Christian tradition of prayer, dating back at least to the Desert Fathers and Mothers, that involves the repetition of a simple phrase or invocation.  Perhaps the best known is the Jesus Prayer: “Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God; have mercy on me, a sinner.”  In the Eastern Orthodox Church, a pray-er will repeat the prayer dozens, even hundreds, of times as a means to an altered state of mind, one in which s/he is returned to her/ a right relationship with God (and thus with the rest of creation as well).

The Mighty Clouds Of Joy carry that tradition forward with “I’ve Been In The Storm So Long”.  The song (by the great James Cleveland) is simplicity itself: “I’ve been in the storm too long; O Lord I need a little more time to pray“.  Then it just repeats—prayerfully, desperately, powerfully—until the prayer has eased the troubled soul of the singer.

(I don’t know what church this is, but judging from the presence of a young Barack and Michelle Obama (0:40), I’m guessing it’s on the South Side of Chicago.)


Beauty All Around Me: Cobblestone Plaza #12



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