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Morning Song – Beyond

A couple of years back, Leon Bridges burst onto the scene sounding like Sam Cooke’s grandson.

On his new single, “Beyond”, he sounds like his other granddaddy could be an “Into The Mystic”-era Van Morrison.

I’m scared to death that she might be it,
That the love is real, that the shoe might fit…


Morning Song – Samurai Cop (Oh Joy Begin)

Answer (Dave Matthews Band): Precisely.

Question: Why cover a U2 song when you can write your own U2 song?

Morning Song – Me Myself I

Nearly 40 years on, Joan Armatrading’s “Me Myself I” (title cut from her hard-rocking 1980 album) remains one of the most gleeful and witty (and, yes, hard-rocking) expressions of neo-conceptual artist Jenny Holzer’s famous dictum, “Solitude is enriching /” there is.

Don’t wanna be the bad guy,
Don’t wanna make a soul cry;
It’s not that I love my self,
I just don’t want company;
Except me myself I

Morning Song – The Spy

You could imagine some alternate, time-traveling universe in which Johann Sebastian Bach took time in between writing masterpieces like the Brandenburg Concertos, the Goldberg Variations and the St. Matthew Passion to pick up some cold, hard cash writing Hollywood soundtracks for, say, James Bond films. (Why not? William Faulkner did it.)

Or you could just listen to Daniel Pemberton’s sly, slinky “The Spy” from Ocean’s 8.

Morning Song – Balm In Gilead

In Biblical times, the rocky hills east of the Jordan River were known for the quality of the balm produced there and prized widely throughout the ancient world for its healing powers.

It’s hard to believe it could have been more soothing, and healing, than the sound of the great Mahalia Jackson singing “Balm In Gilead”, the spiritual it inspired.

Morning Song – A-Tisket A-Tasket

Based on an old nursery rhyme, “A-Tisket A-Tasket” was Ella Fitzgerald’s first big hit record.

Which, when you think about it, is kind of astounding. It’s as if when BeyoncĂ© went solo, she released “Mary Had A Little Lamb” (instead of “Crazy In Love”) and had a #1 hit with it.



Beauty All Around Me – Green Leaves, Blue Sky