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Beauty All Around Me: Sun Drenched Rocks


Morning Song – Baby Workout

Speaking of Jackie Wilson, here’s “Mr. Excitement” himself performing “Baby Workout” on Shindig in 1965.  Even with all the constraints of a network television studio show, you can see the thru line from Jackie Wilson to Michael Jackson to, say, Bruno Mars.

They say that when someone told Elvis Presley about Wilson being called “The Black Elvis” Presley replied, “I guess that makes me the white Jackie Wilson“.  High praise indeed, even if he did say it himself.



Beauty All Around Me: Driving To The Mountains


Morning Song – Jackie & Wilson

It takes a lot of nerve (or, you know, something) for a kid from County Wicklow who hadn’t even been born when Jackie Wilson (“The greatest singer I’ve ever heard“, Motown founder Berry Gordy) died to write a song titled “Jackie & Wilson”.

The impressive thing is Hozier just about pulls it off.


Beauty All Around Me: Rabbit Paintings In Hotel Lobby


Morning Song – Sultans Of Swing

When Dire Straits’ first single, “Sultans Of Swing“, hit back in 1979 it sounded like nothing else on the radio at that time.

It still does.


Beauty All Around Me: Rhomboid Ceiling With Skylight



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