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Beauty All Around Me: Church Lintel


Morning Song – Everywhere I Go

VSOP (very special one-time performance) vocal pairings—like happen on the Grammys, or as with Beyoncé, Bruno Mars and Chris Martin at the Super Bowl—can be fun, but for sheer pleasure there’s nothing quite like a live duet performed by people who’ve been singing together for years.

That’s what you get today* with Dwight & Nicole’s “Everywhere I Go”.  It’s a stripped down, infectiously joyous country-blues song accompanied only by Dwight’s guitar and Nicole’s shaker.  The Vermont couple know every nook and cranny of each other’s voice and still delight in exploring them.

Standing side by side by the border,
Walking hand in hand through the storm,
I do believe as time has worked me over
Everywhere I go I find my home

*And folks at Johnny D’s will get tonight; tickets still available.


Beauty All Around Me: Streetside Hibiscus


Morning Song – Many Rivers To Cross

There is an irreducible core—call it faith, call it hope, call it determination, or (as the narrator calls it) “my pride“—at the heart of Jimmy Cliff’s “Many Rivers To Cross”.  He may be a lonely and despondent young (just 21) man, alone and far from home, heading to a distant and forbidding land (i.e., England) but somehow he retains the vision to see beyond his current obstacles to his future obstacles…and implicitly, the fact that he will overcome.

P. S. You know what you don’t see so much anymore? Jackets with 12″ buckskin fringe.


Noted Without Comment: It Never Hurts To Have A Backup In Case Your Current Career Doesn’t Work Out Edition


Morning Song – Soul Power

I don’t think you can say it better—or more succinctly—than James Brown said it back in 1971 with his three-part single (what ever happened to three-part singles?) “Soul Power”.

What we missing (Soul power)
What we want (Soul power)
What we need (Soul power)

h/t: CAH


Beauty All Around Me: Cactus On Blue Sky



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