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Beauty All Around Me – Aurora Tree Bark #1


Morning Song – Colorado

Aging rock and rollers are not only prone to wax nostalgic about their youth (which, fine, if you’re lucky enough to grow old then making/preserving happy memories is practically a survival skill), but also to lament (looking at you, Steve Van Zandt) the failure of today’s youth to do what they did.

For example: remember the good old days when kids—usually the misfits who weren’t good students or good athletes and were “wasting their lives”—would become friends in high school, hang out together (“we liked the same music, we liked the same bands, we liked the same clothes“), and form bands? Why doesn’t that happen anymore? What’s the matter with kids today?

Comes “Colorado”, a rocking, angsty, confessional, earwormy reply from California-based band (and friends since high school), Forrest: not a damn thing, thank-you very much.

The kids are alright.

h/t: NMH


Beauty All Around Me – Sláinte T-Shirt


Morning Song – Juicy

It’s a good day, America.

Yesterday Rep. Hakeem Jeffries, one of the House managers making the (devastating) case for the conviction and removal from office of President Trump, quoted one of the great hip-hop songs of all time while verbally taking down Trump’s lawyer, Jay Sekulow on the Senate floor.

Yes, Jeffries does represent Brooklyn.

“And if you don’t know, now you know.”




Beauty All Around Me – Flying Dog Cloud


Morning Song – Dancing In The Dark

Early in Bruce Springsteen’s autobiographical show, Springsteen On Broadway, he talks about how his heroic mother—bright, cheery, hardworking, responsible, reliable, optimistic—loved nothing more than to go out dancing, and how even now, seven years into her descent into the darkness of Alzheimer’s, nothing cheers her more.

In a kind of reverse-onion-peeling-effect, the revelation of his mother’s illness adds yet another layer of meaning when Springsteen nears the end of the show and breaks into “Dancing In The Dark”, his biggest hit single and a song he’s been singing half his life. It’s a song about trying to meet a girl, trying to get out of a rut, being a pop star, getting older, trying to get something going while “your little world’s falling apart“, the importance of connection for creating any kind of change…and now it’s also a song about his mother’s (and his family’s) indomitable spirit as the shadows lengthen at the end of her life and disease ravages her mind.

Listen as Springsteen, using nothing more than his mastery of the most basic tools of his craft—his voice and an acoustic guitar—completely controls the old song and his new audience: changing tempos for emphasis, dropping to a whisper or roaring like a bull, strumming like a small symphony orchestra or letting a moment of silence fill the room, keeping the audience slightly off-balance when he wants them to listen to the lyrics…and then driving the rhythm and volume to cue them in on the final chorus. It’s a lovely and layered and uplifting performance.



Beauty All Around Me – Leaning Into The Clouds