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Beauty All Around Me – Flowers In The Fence


Morning Song – Take Me To The River

Some songs just hold up over the years….



Noted Without Comment – Summer Vacation Edition


Morning Song – O Death

Death has finally claimed the irreplaceable Dr. Ralph Stanley, but not before he laid down a 70 year legacy of recording, writing and performing what he called “old-time mountain style” music but everyone else called bluegrass.

Dr. Ralph gained a new measure of fame for his a capella version of “O Death” on the soundtrack of  O Brother Where Art Thou?. With just his voice alone, Stanley was more bone-chillingly badass than Metallica’s “Fade To Black”, Blue Oyster Cult’s “Don’t Fear The Reaper”, The Rolling Stones’ “Sympathy For The Devil” and any 10 other lurid, head-banging, horror-filled rock & roll songs about the end which awaits us all.



Beauty All Around Me – Diamond Lit Waterway


Morning Song – Walk In Jerusalem

Outsourcing to a regular reader—

“Best non-Andrews Sisters Andrews Sisters?

Best non-Boswell Sisters Boswell Sisters?

Best African-American Spiritual with Jerusalem in the title performed by all-Israeli 1930’s-style close harmony group?

Whatever the question, the answer is Walk in Jerusalem performed by The Hazelnuts.”

h/t: MPH


Noted Without Comment – Fenway Park Edition



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