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Noted Without Comment – Coiffeuse Edition


Morning Song – Soy Yo

Here’s a goal for the new week: do something, anything with half the guts and self-confidence this 11 year-old girl does everything in this video for Bomba Estéreo’s infectious, new electro-cumbia hit, “Soy Yo”.

And don’t worry if they don’t approve you, when they criticize you;

Just say, this is me / This is me / This is me.

Morning Song – Please Don’t Leave Me

There are a lot of great “conversion” songs—songs that place you just before, or just after, or in the midst of a conversion moment. And that’s a good thing.

But it’s also a one-time thing, and—with the notable exception of death-bed conversion—the simple fact is most Christians spend more of their lives in need of revival.

That’s where a “revival” song like “Please Don’t Leave Me” comes in.

Lord, you brought me from a mighty long way;

Please don’t leave me now.

And the way the Chicago Mass Choir does it reminds the listener of that ancient truth deeply embedded in the Black Church: there is no “I” without a “we”.

Morning Song – Come Together

One of the pleasures of this little blog’s First Rule Of Cover Songs* is the endlessly imaginative ways musicians fulfill it.

Today’s example: the Gypsy jazz stylings of the Rhythm Future Quartet applied to The Beatles’ “Come Together”.


*You’ve got to bring something new to it.


Beauty All Around Me – Where The Wild Things Are


Morning Song – Long Walk Home

“Long Walk Home” wasn’t on the original setlist for the close of Bruce Springsteen’s latest US tour, but it opened the show’s “encore”. (Is it really an encore if the band never leaves the stage? #QuestionsForAnotherDay)

As I said a few days ago, there was a political strand running through the middle third of the show, but—as is often the case at his concerts—with no explicit commentary from Springsteen. None that is, until the lights came up on him and his guitar to signal the start of the encore, when he said the following:

This is the last night of our tour. We’ve been through the United States, then through Europe, and back here for these last 10 shows. It’s meant a tremendous amount to us.

I can’t tell you how much I appreciate all you folks coming out and seeing us tonight. It never gets old. You know, it’s an amazing thing to see all the people that still support your music after all these years.

So…along with all of you, I’ve had to live through the election campaign. And I’ve got to say it’s just one of the ugliest I’ve ever seen in my entire life. There was just a lot of speaking to our worst angels. And you let those things out of the bottle…all that ugliness…the genie doesn’t go back in the bottle.

And I’m going to do this with that in mind. This is “Long Walk Home”.

The genie doesn’t go back in the bottle, but that doesn’t mean we don’t have to deal with the consequences. And just because the journey is long doesn’t mean we shouldn’t start walking.


Beauty All Around Me – Flowers After A Passing Shower