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Morning Song – Blue Cee

Yes, “Blue Cee” is a blues in the key of C. It’s also (as far as I know) the first blues song Charles Mingus wrote and recorded with his own band. Listen to how Mingus and his bandmates (Jimmy Knepper on trombone, Shafi Hadi on sax, pianist Wade Legge, and drummer Duane Richmond) extend the sound of their instruments and the rhythm of the song to take the listener into new emotional terrain. It’s simultaneously unsettling and comforting…and always beautiful.



Noted Without Comment – Carefree Days Of Summer Edition


Morning Song – BO$$

You say that you a baller,
And I see you tryna holla,
But that ain’t how I was brought up;
Working for my money,
Cuz that’s what my momma taught me,
So yo a** betta show me some respect.

Boss… Michelle Obama,
Purse so heavy gettin’ Oprah dollas….

No wonder Donald Trump is having a hard time. Instead of being content to be silent, adoring arm candy for big, strong men like him, “girls” like the young women of Fifth Harmony think Michelle Obama is the boss…and aren’t shy at all about saying it.


BeautyAllAroundMe – Discovery Mosaic


Morning Song – My Big Iron Skillet

There’s gonna be some changes made when you get in tonight,
Cause I’m gonna teach you wrong from right,
With my big iron skillet in my hand.

Wanda Jackson first became famous in the 1950s as the “Queen Of Rockabilly”, so that makes her 1969 Top 20 country hit, “My Big Iron Skillet”—in which the narrator promises death, or at least mayhem, to her “great big man”—one of her more refined and “proper” songs….



Beauty All Around Me – Mural Of Starlit Mills


Morning Song – Wild Women Don’t Have The Blues

Ida Cox’s “Wild Women Don’t Have The Blues” was a hit in 1924, and a foundational song for second-wave feminism after she re-recorded it in 1961 near the end of her long and varied career as “The Uncrowned Queen Of The Blues”.

What’s the best way to think about this (scratchy, tinny-sounding) old vaudeville song in 2016? How about this—no “Wild Women Don’t Have The Blues”, no Lemonade.

You never get nothing by being an angel child;
You better change your ways and get real wild;
I wanna tell you something, I wouldn’t tell you a lie;
Wild women are the only kind that really get by;
‘Cause wild women don’t worry, wild women don’t have their blues.